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Motorola 68060 Amiga/Atari Processors For Sale

Looking for an upgrade for your Atari or Amiga? The CPU Shack now has..CPU’s for sales. Tested working, genuine full featured (FPU + MMU ) XC68060RC50A Rev 5 CPUs.

Tested using a Blizzard PPC accelerator board at 50MHz clock. A few CPUs were checked using TF1260 board @66MHz, worked well, but I won’t guarantee they all like 66MHz (though with cooling they should hit that and likely more) All CPUs were checked by booting into DiagROM, checking CPU Revision there and then booting to AmigaOS 3.1.4 (Caches/FPU enabled).

These are $289 with FREE Worldwide shipping.

Head over to the 68060 Sale Page for more details and to purchase them

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