National Semi. SC/MP Test Boards For Sale

National SC/MP Test Board

National SC/MP Test Board

National Semiconductor released the SC/MP (aka the SCAMP or ISP-8A-500) in 1974 as a low cost PMOS 8-bit processor.  Later the design was moved to an NMOS process resulting in higher clock speeds and simpler power supply requirements.  This version was known as the SC/MP II or the ISP-8A-600.  It was used well into the 1980’s.

This test board is designed to test with the PMOS or the NMOS versions of this chip.  It has power supplies and clocking for both the PMOS and NMOS versions and requires only the slide of a switch to change between them.

The board consists of the base components of SC/MP test system:
• 40-pin ZIF socket – for SC/MP CPU – provides easy replacement of the CPUs.
• 4MHz crystal oscillator for generating 1 or 2 MHz system clock.
• Single 5V power for SC/MP II CPUs and a DC/DC converter providing -7V +5V power for SC/MP

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The board requires a single +5V power supply (400mA) provided through a mini-USB connector.
There is a power switch and power indicator LED in the upper left corner of the test board.

**CPU is not included with the board.

The User Manual for the SC/MP Test Board may be downloaded here (PDF)