RCA COSMAC 1802 and 180x Test Boards For Sale

CDP180x Test Board

CDP180x Test Board

RCA released the CDP1802 COSMAC processor in 1975.  It was one of the first CMOS designs, and continues to be made to this day by Intersil.  The CDP1802 test board is designed to function test the 1802 as well as its enhanced versions.

The CDP1804A was released in 1981 and expanded the instruction set by 22 instructions, added 2-Kbytes of Mask-ROM, 64-bytes of RAM, and a counter/timer function.  The CDP1805 deletes the 2-KB of ROM, and the CDP1806 has neither ROM or RAM.   The test board will test for these features and their function as well as the basic CDP1802.

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The board consists of the base components of RCA CDP1802 test system:

  • 40-pin ZIF socket – for CDP1802 CPU – provides easy replacement of the CPUs.
  • 2.4MHz crystal oscillator connected to CPU for generating system clock.
  • Address latch for bits A15-A8 of address BUS
  • 2716 2KB EPROM holds the test program. This program supports 4 push buttons as inputs, and 8 LEDs, as output devices. It also provides basic and special feature test routines.
CDP180x Test Board with included Intersil CDP1802ACE

CDP180x Test Board with included Intersil CDP1802ACE

The board requires a single +5V power supply (200mA) provided through a mini-USB connector.
There is a power switch and power indicator LED in the upper left corner of the test board.
Address, data, system control and power lines are attached to the three 16-pin expansion headers, so that the board may be used for other projects.

The User Manual for the CDP180x Test Board may be downloaded here (PDF)

The board schematic is also available for download (PDF)