MCS-8 Test Boards For Sale

MCS-8 Test SystemThese MCS-8 test boards are intended to facilitate testing of Intel 8008 processors (and compatibles).  The design of the system itself is loosely based on the famous MARK-8 computer from 1973.  The board supports testing (and use) of 8008 processors by Intel (8008 and 8008-1) as well as Siemens, Microsystems International, and the East German MME U808D.

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The MCS-8 test-system contains two boards.

mM8008-1 CPU board:

  • 18-pin ZIF socket: For i8008 CPU – provides easy replacement of the CPUs.
  • Mini-USB power connector: The test-system requires a single +5V power supply (300mA) provided through a mini-USB connector. The CPU board contains the DC-DC converter needed for providing the -9V power required by the CPU.
    There is a power failure indicator and short-circuit protection implemented on the board.
  • Power switch
  • Indicator LEDs: Power Good, Power Failure and SYNC signal.

mM8008-2 Test Board:

  •  (RE)START Push button: Start/Restart the test program.
  • 3-bit DIP switch (SW6): Selects restart vector from 0 to 7.
  • 4 push buttons: Input devices for selecting test pattern or other uses.
  • 8 LEDs: Output devices.
  • 28 pin socket: Supports a 2KB (2716) or 8KB (2764) EPROM that holds the test program. Selected by JP1
  • STOPPED LED: Indicated CPU is in the STOPPED state.

MCS-8 Test Board

The EPROM can be reprogrammed with your own code if you choose to do so.  Multiple programs can be loaded on to a single chip, as the board supports up to 8 restart vectors.  The User Manual for the MCS-8 Test System can be downloaded here (pdf).