MCS-4 Test Boards for Sale

MCS-4These MCS-4/40 test boards are intended to facilitate testing of Intel 4004 and 4040 processors (and compatibles such as the National Semiconductor INS4004)

The test board can also test 4002-1 and 4002-2 RAM chips as well (in conjunction with either a 4004 or 4040 processor)

The board consists of the base components of a MCS-4 system:

D4289 Memory-I/O Controller: Handles reading of program in the 28C64 and interfacing to output/inputs

ZIF sockets:1 16-pin ZIP for 4004 processors, 1 16-pin ZIP for 4002-x RAMs and one 24-pin ZIP for 4040 processors.

28C64: Holds the test program. This program handles 4 push buttons – as input – and 8 LEDs – as output devices.

Nylon Stand-offs: Allow the board to be set safely on your workplace/desk.




The board requires a single +5V power supply (350mA) provided through a mini-USB connector. The board contains the DC-DC converters needed for providing the -5V and +15V power required by the CPU. Power can be supplied by a typical USB wall-charger or even the USB port on most computers.

There is a power failure indicator and protection circuit implemented on the board.

Address, data, control and INT lines are available, so that the board may be used for other projects or testing purposes.


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Download the MCS-4 Test Board Manual here (PDF)

Download the MCS-4 Test Board Schematic (PDF)

The Assembler (written in VB) may be downloaded here (RAR file)
Some anti-virus programs will generate a false positive on the Assembler due to it being in VB