Motorola 68060 Amiga/Atari Upgrade Processors

The 68060 was the pinnacle of the 680×0 CISC CPU development, sharing many features with the Pentium Processor.  It was used as the heart of some famous computers, such as the Amiga 3000T and 4000T  and the Atari CT60 / CT63.

Finding these CPUs is getting pretty hard as they haven’t been made by Freescale/Motorola in over 10 years.  There is also the issue of many fakes and counterfeits on the market, also not a pleasant experience to end up with.


The 68060 was made in 3 versions:
68060 – Full Version with FPU and MMU – This is the best for running in your Amiga/Atari etc
68LC060 – No FPU – Low Cost version
68EC060 – Embedded Version – no MMU or FPU

Obviously for a good upgrade a Hardware FPU and MMU are a must (though there is software solutions for both if needed)

The 68060 was also made in a few mask versions, Rev 5 and Rev 6 being the most common. – Rev 6s were the latest and sometimes overclock better, but are hard to find.  The Rev 5 will do for most systems and can still overclock well and the best part? The CPU Shack has a batch of them, fully tested, and not fake

These are all XC68060RC50A CPUs with the G65V Rev 5 mask. They are all used in clean condition

Tested using a Blizzard PPC accelerator board at 50MHz clock. A few CPUs were checked using TF1260 board @66MHz, worked well, but I won’t guarantee they all like 66MHz (though with cooling they should hit that and likely more) All CPUs were checked by booting into DiagROM, checking CPU Revision there and then booting to AmigaOS 3.1.4 (Caches/FPU enabled).

These are $289 with FREE Worldwide shipping.  They will be shipped in a small tray/box in a bubble mailer.

International Customs forms marked as desired (usually ‘Old Computer Chip: Value $25’)