MCS-80 Test Boards For Sale



These MCS-80 test boards are intended to facilitate testing of Intel 8080A processors (and compatibles).

The board consists of the base components of a MCS-80 system:

8224 Clock generator: Provides 1.11MHz clock that is slow enough for all kinds of 8080 CPUs

8228 System Controller and Bus Driver: Handles I/O and MCS-80 system functions

40-pin ZIF socket: For the 8080 CPU – provides easy replacement of the CPUs.

2716 2KB EPROM: Holds the test program. This program handles 4 push buttons – as input – and 8 LEDs – as output devices.


The board requires a single +5V power supply (450mA) provided through a mini-USB connector. The board contains the DC-DC converters needed for providing the -5V and +12V powers required by the CPU. Power can be supplied by a typical USB wall-charger or even the USB port on most computers.

There is a power failure indicator and protection circuit implemented on the board. When the input power level is less than 4.2V the failure indicator LED is illuminated and the +12V level is limited to 4V.

Address, data, chip select, control and power lines are attached to the three 16-pin expansion headers, so that the board may be used for other projects or testing purposes.

 Expansion boards for Zilog Z80, Intel 8085 and National NSC800 Processors available here

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Download the MCS-80 Test Board User Manual here

You may also purchase the entire set, a MCS-80 Board, and a set of 3 expansion boards, one each for the Zilog Z80, Intel 8085 and National NSC800 Processors.  Individually they are $215, as a set, $199.95 with FREE Shipping Worldwide.

MCS-80 Test Board with set of 3 Expansions.