Many people are involved in collecting CPUs. Some restrict their collections to just one brand, such as Intel, while others restrict their collections to one architecture, such as x86. Other, like myself collect everything. Check out all the other collectors sites. If you have a site you want added just shoot me an e-mail. Also included are many resource sites to help you find CPUs and identify stranger ones.

CPU/FPU Collectors sites
Where to find chips of interest
Processor Resources 


CPU/FPU Collectors sites.

Neology CPU Collection – A very nice mainly collection with many ES and corresponding production versions

AMD K6, K6-2 and K6-III CPU resource

(Formerly Alphatek) A resource for building and maintain AMD K6 architecture based systems
Steve Emery’s site good Information on the earliest of CPUs Memory and Support chips.
Gennadiy Shvets Collection of CPUs. Great pictures and a wonderful chip ID page. Great Forums as well. Now includes a very usefule sSpec finder (way more comprehensive then Intels)
Collection of various microprocessors and co-processors. Descriptions of processor families and individual processors. Information about package and socket types. Forums
Collection of microprocessors and co-processors ranging from 8086 and Z80 to Pentium 4.
Collection of processors starting from 8088 to Pentium/Pentium II. Short processor descriptions. Forum.
Collection of various microprocessors and co-processors.
Collection of Intel 4004 – Pentium II processors, early Intel memory as well as a few non-Intel old processor families (Z80, 6502, etc). Intel collection includes very rare processors and memory chips.
Collection of engineering, qualification and mechanical samples of microprocessors, and not only microprocessors but some tubes as well. One of my favorite sites, it is easy to browse.
Collection of chips starting from Intel 8080 up to Xeon and Athlon/Duron.
Collection of microprocessors and co-processors. Processor information and pictures. No updates since 2003
Database of microprocessor images donated by others, as well as images of x86 processors from personal collection.
Very broad collection of processors starting from early ones up to year 1980, including processors from USSR and East Germany.
Intel Only with some very old chips

Processors Museum of Corsica – French Collection of Intel x86 processors starting from 8086 to Pentium II/Celeron.
Broad collection of processors starting from 8080 to Pentium IV/Athlon XP. Processor descriptions.
French collection of various microprocessors and co-processors.
Polish and English – Collection of processors and microprocessors with pictures.

IC Collections

Diverse collection of microprocessors and microcontrollers with information (in Japanese only) but good stuff.
The Computer Museum has many of the old computers collectible CPUs were used in, as well as old ads for these machines.
Nice page just starting up. Be sure to check it out and sign the guest book.
A great Polish CPU site with many nice pictures. Lots of updates
CPU-CN is a Great Chinese CPU collector site with chips from many of the collectors in China. (English and Chinese versions)
The Intel Collection The Intel Collection is the biggest and most thorough collection of very old and rare Intel chips. EPROM’s, SRAM’s, CPU’s and much more.
The CPU Collection A French CPU Collection website that has many great chips. It also has some English on it.
Swedish CPU Collection (in Swedish). Collection of mostly x86 processors. Microprocessors pictures and brief information. Links. Collection is grouped by manufacturer and then by family.
German CPU Site
Edgar Elsen (in German). Short history of computers and processors. Processor Bugs. Download section. Links to collector sites. Links to manufacturers. List of collection. Picture gallery is now online.
Chipscapes Artwork
ChipScapes. Chip die pictures and chip pictures as a form of art. Gallery of artworks.

CPU-Galerie is a German language collection of many CPU’s and FPU’s. A very nice collection.
This is John Munro’s site and really has a fantastic collection covering most all CPU’s. My favorites are his 2901’s and odd 387’s

John Munro is now retired from Collecting, changed the link to Archived copy

Ukrainian site (English and Russian) with the best collection of Soviet chips I have yet seen. Truly Beautiful
My Nikko CPU Collection MyNikko is a Chinese website (in Chinese Big 5) but also has some English. Very nice collecction with a wide variety of chips
YJFY Chinese Computer Collectors
yjfy is a Chinese computer collectors forum and hang out. They have old CPU’s as well as whole computers and other hardware. Its in Chinses so good luck (pretty pictures though)
CPU Time Chinese Language CPU Collection. Many nice chips and great pictures, site loads a bit slow but worth the wait. This Swedish CPU collection entails much more then mere CPU’s. It also has a good deal of marketing products such as keychains, golf tees etc from the likes of Intel. – Vintage Computer Chip, Semiconductor & Transistor Memorabilia”> – Vintage Computer Chip, Semiconductor & Transistor Memorabilia

Where to find chips of interest.
Great German company, with many hard to get chips. You’ll need MS Access (or similar) to open their chip database.
eBay – Sometimes you can get great deal, or you can watch chips sell for much more then they are worth 😉 Be sure to check out the eBay sites in other countries like Germany.
Buyer/Seller Chip Broker. Great for setting up group buys.
Most collectors have trade lists on their sites. This is a GREAT way to get good CPUs from good people.

Processor Resources
Great site for looking up what a chip is by part number.
Priceless write up of significant CPUs in History. Well worth saving.
The Chiplist contains a lot of information about different processors and co-processors. List of manufacturers. Short information on almost any popular CPU.
Google really is an invaluable resource to find information on obscure chips.
Makers of the CPU-Z CPU information program. Very useful utility.
An excellent source of x86 information. Pictures of the Nx686 has a very nice processor and chipset specs table covering over 655 different CPUs.
Chris Hare’s Page – Has alot of great information including electical charateristics for most all CPUs made (486-current) and a list of all sockets (486-current). This site was a great help when building the Cyrix ID guide.
The Silicon Zoo has a large amount of chip artwork. cartoons, figures, and designs put into the dies of many CPUs.
Datasheet Archive The Datasheet Archive is a service provided by ISO components with litterally thousands of complete datasheets for free. supplies free datasheets and information for electronic components, especially for obsolete and discontinued parts. Cross-Reference information included.
The Intel Museum includes many historical documents and photos (including die photos) as well as introduction dates.