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The Collector’s Guide to Vintage Intel Microchips

The CPU Shack Museum is proud to announce the availability of The Collector’s guide to Vintage Intel Microchips, written by George Phillips Jr. This e-book (PDF) contains over 1300 pages, and 900 photographs of Intel Microchips from the 1960’s and 70’s along with their functions, package variations, rarity, and valuations.  Everything from the 3101 Static RAM to the i4004 4-bit processor. The author, George Phillips, has moved this book into public domain.  Originally published back in 2007 it is still a very useful resource.  Being 10 years old, some of the values are inaccurate and there has been a few more Intel chip types from the 1970’s found since then, as well as some different package/marking variations.  However the Guide is really an important resource for any collection that includes Intel IC’s from the 1970’s.

I have been collecting information for an update to it for some time, so if you have any Intel chips/variations not in this guide, feel free to let me know.

You can download The Collector’s Guide to Vintage Intel Microchips here (pdf 22.9MB)

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  1. David Goldschmidt

    Hi, Do you know what an Intel 386 sx microchip would be worth? It may possibly be the original from the person who helped design it or managed the team.
    C1 M 85 87

    It is in a plaque with a smaller square gold chip, has the makers name on it, and there is a big circuitry drawing in color in the above portion of the plaque.



  2. admin

    Markings suggest its a Mechanical sample of the C1 revision. Be great to see a pic.

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