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MC6801/6803 Expansion Now Available for the 680x/650x Test System

6801/6803 Expansion Board and PCP

After several months of development an expansion for the 680x/650x Test system is now available to support the very popular and widely used 6801 and 6803 MCUs.  The Motorola 6801 was one of the first (with the 6802) MCU’s that Motorola made based on the MC6800 8-bit processor.  It includes RAM/ROM, Serial I/O and timers.  The test board tests the function of the base CPU, the timers/data capture, and the Serial I/O.  The MC6803 is a 6801 without the built-in ROM and with less I/O.

The expansion supports both types as well as their copies/derivatives made by Hitachi, Fujitsu, SGS and others.  The expansion is included in the complete 680x/650x Test system, bringing its total supported processors to well over 35.  The expansion does require updated firmware, which is included in all new systems (and available to upgrade previously sold systems.)

5 Responses to MC6801/6803 Expansion Now Available for the 680x/650x Test System

  1. Chris Nicholson

    We made millions of 6803’s under license from Motorola at General Motors Delco Electronics division in Kokomo In. They were used in engine controls for many years. Then we switched to an HC11 variant.

  2. admin

    Was that at Kokomo Semiconductor? I actually ended up with a bunch of old wafers from there. Likely some 6803s hiding in them then.

  3. Chris Nicholson

    Yes the fab in Kokomo is scheduled to close completely this summer. These were marked MCU if I remember correctly. I maintained wafer probers and test systems there for many years


  4. admin

    Thanks for the info, shame its closing, but times and suppliers changing I guess. If ya happen upon any old/interesting MCUs from there let me know.

  5. Max

    Thanks to the terrific manual

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