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What’s Missing?

Four-Phase Systems: 1969-1981

Four-Phase Systems: 1969-1981 (click to enlarge

What’s Missing from this Four-Phase Systems family portrait?  Hopefully the lost member arrives this week.  Anyone remember Four-Phase?

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  2. Steve Walley

    I worked for Four Phase Systems in the early 80’s and I
    still have business cards with my name on them. I found a
    few IC chips the other day. Namely 91100091 RAM-9 but also
    91130083 I/O-8. If i remember correctly i was told they used Gold
    in their IC design. Is this correct?

  3. admin

    Like many IC’s of the era there is a fair amount of gold, in the package (pins and cap) as well as the bonding wires to the die itself.

  4. Cor Hopman

    Worked for Philips Data System in Europe as a member of a small team that introduced the Four Phase systems, as OEM labeled Philips X1150 in this continent. I was trained in Cupertino in early 1973. The Systems were operational at customers untill 2004 or so.

  5. admin

    It really is quite amazing how long some of these 1970’s systems keep running. Rebuilding software to run on a different platform clearly is a daunting task.

  6. Gil Carrick

    Did you ever get an AL/4? I assume that’s what you wanted.

  7. admin

    yah the next post has it:

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