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Project Unity: 15 Game Consoles and 18 Processors

projectunityMaster Modder Bacteria recently completed ‘Unity’ a single cabinet integrating 15 classic consoles, and capable of playing games from 18 different systems (sme consoles can run more then one type of game.  It an impressive feat especially considering he managed to make it work off a single controller, and a single video/audio output.  A custom 15-position switch tops off the console.

The consoles range from a Intellivision and its oddball CP1610 General Instruments (based on the PDP-11) processor, to the wildly successful 299MHz Sony PS2.  Below you can see the variety of systems, and the processors (this IS the CPU Shack after all) that run them.

Console Processor(s)
Amstrad GX4000 Zilog Z-80 4MHz
Atari 7800 MOS 6502 1.79MHz
Colecovision NEC 780C-1 (Zilog Z-80) 3.58MHz
Mattel Intellivision GI CP1610 894KHz or 1MHz
NEC TurboGrafx 16 Hudson Soft HuC6280 (65C02 based) 7.16MHz
NeoGeo MVS Motorola MC68000 12MHz + Zilog Z-80 4MHz
Nintendo NES Ricoh 2A03 (6502 Core) 1.79 MHz
Super Nintendo Ricoh 5A22 (GTEu 68C816 core) 3.58 MHz
Nintendo 64 NEC VR4300 (MIPS) 93.75 MHz
Nintendo Gamecube IBM PowerPC “Gekko” 486 MHz
Sega Master System Zilog Z-80 3.58 MHz
Sega MegaDrive (Genesis) Motorola MC68HC000 7.67MHz + Zilog Z-80 3.58 MHZ
Sega Saturn Hitachi SH-2 32-bit RISC 28.6 MHz
Sega Dreamcast Hitachi SH-4 RISC 200 MHz
Sony Playstation 2 Emotion Engine (MIPS based) 299MHz

As you can see a few processors are common. Five of the consoles run Zilog Z-80 processors, and 4 run on some variation of the MOS 6502 made famous by the Apple 1 computer.  Later consoles shifted towards the RISC based designs of MIPS, PowerPC and the SuperH series by Hitachi (now Renesas). Today’s console continue to use RISC processors albeit at speeds of over 3GHz.

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