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September 10th, 2010 ~ by admin

$23,000 for a 1MHz Computer – Only if its an Apple 1

A nice Working Apple 1 computer with much documentation was just (minutes ago) sold on eBay for $22,766.66.  Early computers (and the chips that make them work) are greatly increasing in value.  Especially if it happens to have the famous Apple name and customizations done by Wozniak himself.

Apple 1 Motherboard

The CPU on this board is a MOS 6502 in a beautiful white ceramic package.  It moved 8 bits of data at 1MHz.

MOS MCS6502 1976

Many other computers from the 1970’s are now worth thousands of dollars as well, such as the IMSAI 8080 and the Kim 1


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4 Responses to $23,000 for a 1MHz Computer – Only if its an Apple 1

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  3. Bill Schwenke

    I own an Apple //c and a ][GS system with it’s needed Disc II and the newer design floppies, some assorted documentation but no 16 bit software for it, nor do I have my old Apple ][ Plus, which was my first. The family had a Apple //e and I favored the //e so I was as sad as Wozniak that the ][GS failed to take off and the Mac World took over. I suspect they GS (Graphics and Sound) will get some value … I hope?! The //c was just too popular though…as well, the //e

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