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These are some of the chips I have to offer:
I will trade these chips or sell them if you have nothing to trade.

I can provide pictures upon request. I ship worldwide.

----> (Updated 02-02-2006) <----

Intel A80502-90 Gold CPGA $3
Intel P8042AH-2271 PDIP40 $2
Intel P8088 PDIP40 $4
Intel P8085AH-2 PDIP40 $4
2x Intel D8742 CDIP40 $4
2x Intel D80287-10 CDIP40 $5
Intel N80286-12 PLCC68 $4
Intel PODP5V83 CPGA $5
Intel A80386DX-20-IV CPGA $3

Intel D8089-3 CDIP40 $4
Intel ID1537 CDIP24 $1
Intel LP8751BH PDIP40 $3
Intel A8220A CPGA $2
Intel P8742 $2
Intel A80386DX-33 IV $2
2x Intel P8035HL $2

3x Motorola XC68LC040RC25B CPGA $5
2x Motorola MC68HC705C8CS CDIP40 $3
Motorola MC68020RC16E CPGA $4
2x Motorola MC68HC705C8A PDIP40 $2
Motorola XC56166FE60 CQFP $2

AMD Am29040-33GC CPGA $4
AMD A80486DX2-80NV8T $4
2x AMD K6-266AFR $3
4 x AMD CG80286-8-C2 CPGA $4
2x AMD D8031 CDIP40 $3

2x IDT Winchip C6-PSME200GA(MXPro) CPGA $8
IDT Winchip C6-PSME200GA CPGA $8

3x Cyrix CX-83D87-33-GP CPGA $3
Cyrix 6x86-p166+GP CPGA $3
Cyrix 6x86MX-PR200 CPGA $3

Zilog Z84C0006PEC PDIP40 $2

Dallas DS80C310 $2
Dallas DS80C323 $2
Dallas DS80C390 $2
Dallas DS80C400 $2
Dallas DS87C520 $2
Dallas DS87C530 $2
Dallas DS87C550 $2
Dallas DS89C420 $2

MOS MCS1007 CDIP (white/grey gold pin/cap) $3
2xToshiba TMP8085AP-2 PDIP $4
Toshiba TMP68HC11A1T PLCC $4
Synertek 370-6502 $3
SGS Z8400AB1 $4
NatSemi 2S22A8-CBE99 $1
NatSemi COP8SCE9IMT9 $1

Added 08-18-04
2x Atmel AT89C51ID2-EM $2
Microchip Gold PIC16C72-JW $5
Intel TT80503166 $5

Added 09-12-04

AMD D8751H CDIP (vertical printing)
AMD D8751H CDIP (horizontal printing)
AMD K6-200ALR (Black printing)
AMD K6-2-350AMZ
IBM 6x86MX PR300 (IBM26x86-CVAPR300HF)
Dallas DS80C320-MNL (PDIP)
Cyrix MediaGX GXm-200GP 2.2V 85C
Motorola MC68881RC20B

Intel MD8748/B (Mil-spec)
Intel A80387DX-25
Intel A80396DX-25-IV

AMD Am2920016KC (Dev board) $18
2 x Intel KP650-256
Siemens SAB80286-16-N
Mitsubishi M5L8042-146P
Cyrix MIIv 333GP (Grey top)
2x Intel A80960KA-25
AMD K6-2-500AFX
AMD N80188-10
AMD N80186-10
Cyrix Cx486DX2-66 Green Heatsink
QED RM7000-250S
Cyrix GXm-233GP 2.9V
Intel G2764A-25 (gold-pin EEPROM)


Intel N80960SB16
AMD K6 Blank Prototype
AMD K6-2 Blank
2x Intel DX4ODP-75
Motorola XC68LC040RC33B
2 x Toshiba TC86R4400MC-200
Intel Pentium II 400
Intel A80501-66 SX950
2 x Intel Celeron 333/66 SEPP 2
Intel FV524RX366 Celeron
AMD K6-2 350AFR (dirty)
3x AMD K6-2 350 AFR Clean
AMD K6-2 333AFR
2x AMD K6 200 ALR (black print)
AMD K6 233ANR black print
2 x AMD K6-2 500AFX
Cyrix MIIv 333 Grey
Intel D8752H
Intel KP600/256 P3 Mobile
Intel KP650/256 P3 Mobile
Intel R80286-8
AMD Athlon AX1700DMT3C Brown
AMD Athlon A1200AMS3C


Motorola MC68000FN12
Toshiba TMP80C50AP-6
Fujitsu MBL8086-2 (white ceramic)
Intel C8087
Intel P8088
NCR 65C02A
Intel N80C51TB24
Harris IS80C88 PLCC
National Semi INS8040N-11
IBM PowerPC 403GCJA33C1
Intel PP120 TCP


2 x AMD AM2903ADC (gold ceramic)
3 x Intel MD80C31BH/B Military
Intel FV80503233 PPGA
Intel FV80503166 PPGA
3x TI DX4-G100-GA Color 486
Intel A80486DX4100

IBM 486-V666GA
IBM 486DX2-3.6V66GP (some scratches)
Intel A80188
Intel D80287-10
Intel A80386DX-20 no logo

IDT Winchip C6-PSME200GA (good condition)

Intel/Siemens SAB80186R
Intel Pentium 2 Xeon 400/100/512 S2

Cyrix M2-400
Intel MR2764/B-25 Military EPROM

These are some of the stuff I would like to have in the collection:
Any P4
Any XP
Any Transmeta
Any Rise CPU (other than 266)
Any Mac G3 or G4
Intel C4004
Cyrix CPUs
IBM Cyrix Clones
ST 6x86 CPUs
TI 486 100MHz
Athlon XPs
P3s and P4s
Mobile CPUs
Engineering Samples
Soviet Clones
Polish Clones
AMD K5-PR200
Intel C80286-4
Gold Cyrix 387
ALI M6759
AMD Geode
SIS SC550/1
MMI 8008
ARM core devices
PowerX CPUs
NexGen Nx587

Lots more...if it's not in my list I would like to get a hold of one.

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