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Cyrix 486 CPUs

Cyrix Foundry Agreements

Cyrix extended its wafer supply agreement with SGS-Thomson in 1994 (Originally
formed in 1990). Under the new arrangement,
SGS-Thomson increased the number of wafers it produces for Cyrix and
is allowed to make a certain
percentage of those same wafers for itself. In addition, Cyrix granted
SGS-Thomson the right to use
certain Cyrix-designed chips as part of SGS-Thomson’s ASIC libraries.
SGS-Thomson is allowed to
produce and sell such ASIC products under its own name in unlimited
quantities, with Cyrix receiving
royalties from the sale of the devices. Also, Cyrix has the right to
sell the SGS Thomson-designed ASICs
under its own name.


IBM and Cyrix announced a five-year agreement in (Sept 1993) calling
for IBM to manufacture Cyrix’s 486, 5×86,
and 6×86 MPUs. The two companies equally share the output of the Cyrix-designed
chips. (Terminated in 1998 after The National Buy Out)

Differentiating between Cyrix and IBM Blue Lightning

It is difficult to distinguish IBM Blue Lightning CPU from Cyrix CPU.
The behavior of both CPU is very similar to each other. The deference
is that IBM Blue Lightning CPU supports MSR but Cyrix 486, 5×86 and
6×86 do not support it. This means that wrmsr instruction cause invalid
opcode fault on Cyrix 486, 5×86 and 6×86, but does not on IBM Blue Lightning
CPU. To detect invalid opcode by wrmsr, the following handler is prepared:

static volatile u_int trap_by_wrmsr;

inthand_t bluetrap;

movl $0xa8c1d, _trap_by_wrmsr
addl $2, (%esp)

If we have Cyrix 486, 5×86 or 6×86, the variable trap_by_wrmsr will
be change by this handler. Once Cyrix CPU is detected by this method,
we will check device ID register to distinguish it.

Time Line

4/1988 Jerry Rodgers Starts Cyrix with ex-TI Staff (30 total)
1989 Cyrix introduces the FasMath 83D87 math coprocessor, pin-compatible
with Intel’s 387.
1990 Cyrix introduces the FasMath 83S87 math coprocessor, pin-compatible
with Intel’s 387SX
1990 SGS-Thomson agreement (Based on 1979 Agrrement with Intel)
11/1991 Cyrix releses 387+
4/15/92 Cyrix announces 486SLC – It features an internal 32-bit data
path, but with a 16-bit external data path. It includes a 1KB cache,
but no coprocessor. Price is US$119
5/27/92 TI announces plans to market Cyrix-designed microprocessors
6/17/92 Cyrix announces 486DLC – It is comparable to Intel’s i486, but
with only a 1KB cache, and using only 600,000 transistors.
10/28/92 TI ships Cyrix-designed microprocessors
11/18/92 Cyrix announces 486S2/50
12/9/92 IBM previews 50MHz 486SLC2
3/3/93 Cyrix Launches 486S
4/19/93 IBM introduces the 20/40-MHz and 25/50-MHz 486SLC2 microprocessors.
They feature a 16KB cache and optimized instruction set, but no
internal math coprocessor, and only a 16-bit data path.
8/2/93 Cyrix introduces end-user upgrade processor for 386DX systems
– Cyrix introduces the clock-doubled Cx486DRu2 microprocessor. Price
is US$399.
8/2/93 IBM introduces Blue Lightning
8/23/93 Cyrix introduces 486DX compatible chip
10/25/93 Cyrix reveals design of M1
11/15/93 Texas Instruments reveals its first derivative chip based on
Cyrix core
12/27/93 Cyrix introduces end-user upgrade processor for 486DX systems
6/20/94 IBM announces Cx486DX2 under IBM brand name
3/27/95 Cyrix samples the M1
6/19/95 TI introduced 80 MHz 486DX2
7/10/95 Cyrix reveals M1sc as 5×86
10/23/95 Cyrix M1 debuts as 6×86 – The chip is manufactured by IBM, and
priced at US$450 each in quantities of 1000
10/23/95 Cyrix announces 5gx86
11/13/95 Cyrix announces 120 MHz 5×86 – available for US$160 each in quantities
of 1000.
11/13/95 IBM announces own version of Cyrix 5×86 as 5x86C
11/13/95 SGS-Thomson announced 100 MHz 486DX4
11/13/95 TI introduced 100 MHz 486DX4
12/25/95 SGS-Thomson announcde 120 MHz 486DX4
2/12/96 Cyrix raised 6×86 to 133 MHz
2/12/96 IBM raised 6×86 to 133 MHz
6/17/96 Cyrix and IBM launch 100 MHz P200 version of 6×86
110-MHz P133+ CX6x86 microprocessor, for US$326.
60/120-MHz P150+ CX6x86 microprocessor, for US$451.
66/130-MHz P166+ CX6x86 microprocessor, for US$621.
10/28/96 Cyrix disclosed M2 at Microprocessor Forum
3/10/97 Cyrix introduced the MediaGX at 120 and 133 MHz
5/13/1997 Cyrix Sues Intel over the Pentium Pro
6/2/97 Cyrix replaced 6×86 with 6x86MX
7/14/97 Cyrix announces 166, 180 MHz MediaGX
8/1998 Cyrix Merges with National Semi
10/27/97 Cyrix describes Cayenne core
12/8/97 Cyrix describes the MXi
4/20/98 Cyrix renamed the 6x86MX the MII
6/1/98 Cyrix MII recaches performance level of PR333
11/16/98 Cyrix disclosed Jalapeno core and M3
5/10/99 Cyrix boosts M II to PR366.
5/31/99 Cyrix releases roadmap
5/31/99 National decides to sells Cyrix
7/12/99 VIA Technologies buys Cyrix

One of the 4 Court Cases Involving Cyrix

These cases (and the Intel vs ULSI case) were landmark
in the definition of patent exhaution law as applied to technology IP

Cyrix was sued 3 times by Intel, and one all 3 times

Cyrix sued Intel once (Intels Pentium Pro infringed on a Cyrix Patent)
Intel settled out of court for an undisclosed sum and granted Cyrix
full cross liscesing with Intel.

INC., Intervenor.

NO. 4:92cv52
846 F. Supp. 522; 1994 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 3477; 32 U.S.P.Q.2D (BNA) 1890

January 21, 1994, Decided


Cyrix is entitled to judgment in its favor on its affirmative defenses
of patent exhaustion and implied license based on the use or resale
of its claim 1 microprocessors purchased from TI and ST.

Signed this day of January, 1994.


See Also
Cyrix Corp. v. SGS-Thomson Microelectronics, Inc., 77 F3d 1381 (Fed.
Cir. 1996).

Cyrix Corporation and SGS-Thomson Microelectronics, Inc. v. Intel Corporation,
803 F. Supp. 1200, 1205-06 (E.D. Tex. 1992),


Cyrix CX486 S Series
(TI Produced)
Cyrix DRx2 Clock Doubled 386 Design
Cyrix Cx486DX DX2 and DX2 ST Produced
Ca486DX2 v-XX
IBM Made
Cyrix Cx486DX4
Cyrix 5×86 (and ST)
IBM Produced

(these can be on the tops as well)

DX 40
DX-2 80GP


5×86 Cyrix AND ST
P Process
1 3.6V
3 3.45V
4 3.6V
F Fab
B Burlington, Vermont
C Corbeil France
F Fish Kill, NY
J ?
K Bromont, Quebec
M Mask Revision
Y Year
4 1994
5 1995
WW Week
L Die Lot Code
P Process
3 486
5 586 0.65u
F Fab
M Mask Revision
Y Year
5 1995
6 1996
WW Week
L Die Lot Code

586-120 Samples October 30, production Nov 1995

1990 SGS-Thomson agreement
1995 .35u AT 586/686 5 Layer Phoenix

DIR0/1 Revisions (debs)
Cx486S40 AB1318B
Cx486S40 AB1318F Japan
Cx486S40 AB1320E Japan
Cx486S33 AB1326F
Cx486S33 AB1329C Japan
Cx486S40 AB1330A Japan
Cx486S33 AB1331D
Cx486S33 AB2335C
Cx486S40 AB2335D
Cx486S40 DB2340C Japan
Cx486S40 DB2341B
Cx486S40 DB2341F
Cx486S40 DB2342B
Cx486S25 DB2342D
Cx486S33 DB2342F Japan
Cx486S33 DB2342G
Cx486S33 DB2342J
Cx486S40 DB2342K
Cx486S40 DB2342N
Cx486S40 DB2343B Japan
Cx486S40 DB2343C Japan
Cx486S40 DB2343K
Cx486S40 DB2344A
Cx486S33 DB2344C
Cx486S33 DB2344E Japan
Cx486S33 DB2344E
Cx486S40 DB2344E
Cx486S40 DB2344H
Cx486S33 DB2345C
Cx486S40 DB2345K HS
Cx486S40 DB2346A HS
Cx486SLC-25MP AF3224P
Cx486SLC-20MP AF3228L
Cx486SLCe-V25MP DF7338D QFP
Cx486SLCe-V25MP DF7339E QFP
Cx486SLC2-40MP FF5407F top
Cx486SLC2-50MP FF5429B top 007 QFP USA
Cx486SLC2-50MP A3FB514A top
Cx486DRx2-20-40GP AD1324A top R/TM USA
Cx486DRx2-16-32GP AD1324D USA top marked
Cx486DRx2-20-40GPL AB1326E Japan top marked
Cx486DRx2-16-32GP AD2331B
Cx486DRx2-25-50GP ADA332A
Cx486DRx2-25-50GP AB3336A Japan
Cx486DRx2-25-50GP ADA3337C Top marked
Cx486DRx2-20-40GP AB3339E Japan
Cx486DRx2-20-40GP AB339G Japan
Cx486DRx2-20-40GP AB3341A Japan
Cx486DRx2-20-40GP AB3341C
Cx486DRx2-20-40GP AB3341E back japan
Cx486DRx2-20-40MP FF5346A QFP
Cx486DRx2-25-50GP FL5407C Front
Cx486DRx2-16-32GP FD5411A
Cx486DRx2-25-50GP FD5411A back USA w/ HS
Cx486DRx2-33-66GP FL5411A Front + Back USA
Cx486DRx2-33-66GP FL5423A Front + Back USA
Cx486DRx2-25-50GP FL5423A R/TM Front + Back USA
Cx486DRx2-33-66GP FL5423G back USA w/ HS
Cx486DRx2-25-50GP FL5424E Front + Back USA
Cx486DRx2-33-66GP FL542H Front + Back USA
Cx486DRx2-33-66GP FL5424J back USA w/ HS
Cx486DRx2-25-50GP FL5424L back USA w/ HS
Cx486DRx2-33-66GP F2B6438F Front/Back Japan
Cx486DRx2-25-50GP F2B6438H R/TM Japan HS
Cx486DRx2-33-66GP F2B6438H Front + Back
Cx486DRx2-33-66GP F2B6438P Japan
Cx486DRx2-25-50GP F1B6440B Japan Front + Back
Cx486DRx2-33-66GP F2B6448J Japan
Cx486DRx2-33-66GP A3LB512A USA Back
Cx486DRx2-33-66GP A3LB518A USA
Cx486DLC-25GP AD2216E top TM diff pack USA
Cx486DLC-33GP AD2220A top R/TM diff pack USA
Cx486DLC-25GP AD2220J top R/TM diff pack USA
Cx486DLC-33GP AD223Y (mis print top R/TM diff pack USA
Cx486DLC-33GP AD3235R top R/TM diff pack USA
Cx486DLC-33GP AB3227J top TM/TM Jap Gold back
Cx486DLC-33GP AD3228M top R/TM diff package USA
Cx486DLC-25GP AD3229C top R/TM diff pack USA
Cx486DLC-25GP AD3231E top R/TM diff pack USA
Cx486DLC-33GP AB4234N top TM/TM Japan
Cx486DLC-33GP AB4234P top TM/TM OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-33GP AB4238AC top TM/TM OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-33GP AB4238T top TM/TM OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-33GP AB4238X top TM/TM OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-25GP AB4239D top TM/TM Japan
Cx486DLC-40GP AB5241Z top TM/TM OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-25GP AB5343Y top TM/TM Japan
Cx486DLC-40GP AB6249C top TM/TM OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-40GP AB6249F top TM/TM OEM Japen
Cx486DLC-33GP AB6249G top TM/TM OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-40GP AB6250A top TM/TM OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-40GP AB6251H top TM/TM OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-33GP AB6301K top TM/TM OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-25GP AB6304C top R/R OEM Jap Heatsink-33
Cx486DLC-33GP AB6305H top R/R OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-40GP AB6307F top R/R OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-40GP AB6313A top R/R OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-40GP BB6315C top R/R OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-40GP BB6315E top R/R OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-40GP BB6315G top R/R OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-40GP BB6316G top R/R OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-40GP BB6318A top R/R OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-33GP BB6319D top R/R OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-33GP BB6319E top R/R OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-25GP BB6321A top R/R Japan
Cx486DLC-40GP BB7342C bottom R/R OEM Sigma Japan
Cx486DLC-40GP DB7344B top R/R OEM Sigma Japan
Cx486DLC-33GP ABB406B bottom R/R OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-V33GP FB5406D bottom R/R OEM Japan
Cx486DLC ES AB5416A bottom R Rev 2 step 2 Japan
Cx486DLC-40GP AB5416A bottom R/R OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-40GP ABB416D bottom R/R OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-40GP FB5416L bottom R/R OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-40GP ABB423C bottom R/R OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-40GP ABB424E bottom R/R OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-33GP ABB426A bottom R/R OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-25GP ABB426C bottom R/R Japan
Cx486DLC-33GP ABB428K bottom R/R OEM Japan
Cx486DLC-40GP ABB430S bottom R/R OEM Japan
Unmarked DL2349C
Cx486DX-40GP ACB346A
Cx486DX50 ADB346C
Cx486DX-40GP DDB347A USA
Cx486DX50 ABB347D 1A/03 1.3 JAPAN HS
Cx486DX-40 ALB348A USA HS
Cx486DX-40 AD2348B
Cx486DX50 ALC350G
Cx486DX-40GP ALC350W
Cx486DX-33GP M52009DU B190702 Gold Bottom IBM
Cx486DX-50GP ALC401A
Cx486DX-33GP ALC401B
Cx486DX-33GP none B190702 N03067DU Gold btm 001
Cx486DX-33GP ALC404K
Cx486DX-33GP FK3405B
Cx486DX-40 FK3405H B190702 N05031 Gold btm HS
Cx486DX-40 ALD406A HS
Cx486DX-40 FK3406C gold bottom HS
Ca486DX-V33QP FJ3406F PQFP
Cx486DX-33GP FK3406G
Cx486DX-33GP FK3406R
Cx486DX-33GP FK3406Y B190702 N0605B Gold btm
Cx486DX-33GP FL3407K
Cx486DX-40GP FK3407T Gold bottom IBMish
Cx486DX-40 ALD408AD HS
Cx486DX-33GP ALD408M
Cx486DX-40GP ALD408S
Cx486DX-40GP ALE409A 1A/05 1.5 HS USA
Cx486DX-40 DBB409D HS Japan
Cx486DX-40GP FK4409G Gold Bottom 1.51
Cx486DX-40GP ALE409A HS
Cx486DX-33GP ALE409N
Cx486DX-50GP FK4409S Gold bottom IBM
Cx486DX-50GP FK5409N 03H5130  N09036 Gold bottom IBM
Cx486DX-33GP FK4409V 03H5130 N09067 Gld btm 1.51
Cx486DX-50 FK5410C 03H5130 N10009 HS
Cx486DX-33GP FK5410N Gold bottom IBM
Cx486DX-33GP FK5410N 03H5130  N10041 Gold bottom IBM
Cx486DX-50GP FK5410Q Gold Bottom
Cx486DX-33GP FK5411G 03H5130 N11019 Gold
Cx486DX-33GP ALE411G
Cx486DX-33GP FK5411N 1A/05 1.5
Cx486DX-33GP FK5411U  03H5130  N11019 Gold bottom
Cx486DX-33GP FK5412B Gold bottom IBMish
Cx486DX-40GP FK5412P Gold bottom IBMish
Cx486DX-33GP FK5412X Gold bot
Cx486DX-40GP FB5413C Japan
Cx486DX-40 FK5413H Gold bottom IBMish
Cx486DX-40 ABE413Q 1A/05 1.5 HS Japan
Cx486DX-40 ABE413S
Cx486DX-40 FK5413TT
Cx486DX-40 ABE413Q Japan
Cx486DX-40GP ABE413R Japan
Cx486DX-40GP 002 DBC415A Japan 002
Cx486DX-40GP FK5417HH 03H5126 N17102
Cx486DX-40 FK5417JJ
Cx486DX-40GP FK5417NN
Cx486DX-40GP ABF417T Japan
Cx486DX-40 ABF418E Japan HS (M0.6)
Cx486DX-40GP FB6419A Japan
Cx486DX-40GP FB6419H Japan
Cx486DX-40 ABF419E Japan
Cx486DX-33GP FB6419K Japan
Cx486DX-33GP DBC420B
Cx486DX-40 ABH425X HS Japan
Cx486DX-40GP F1K6431D USA
Cx486DX-40GP ALH431M
Cx486DX-40 A2BF433A Jpan HS
Cx486DX-40GP D2BC433A Japan
Cx486DX-40 A2BF433B Japan
Cx486DX-40GP F1B6433L
Cx486DX-40 A2BF433Q Japan
Cx486DX-33GP D2BH434A Japan
Cx486DX-33GP D2BH434F Japan
Cx486DX-33GP D2BH434G Japan
Cx486DX-33GP D2BH434H
Cx486DX-40GP D2BH435A Japan
Cx486DX-40GP F1K6437D
Cx486DX-40GP F1K64137E 03H5798 N37004 USA HS
Cx486DX-33GP F1K6442E 03H5798 N42004 USA blk bck
Cx486DX-V33QP FJ3408C 003 QFO
Cx486DX-V33GP FJ5415E QFP
Cx486DX-V33GP FJ5415E QFP
Cx486DX-V33GP FJ5415E
Cx486DX2-50 ADB343A USA odd markings, ES?
FK5411BB 03H5131 N11085 Gold back HS
Cx486DX2-50 FK5411HH 03H5131 N1110B Gold back HS
Cx486DX2-50 FK5414Z
Cx486DX2-50 FK5415D HS
FK516EE 03H5127 N16097
Cx486DX2-50 FK5416Z 03H5127 N160B1
Cx486DX2-50 FB6417C
Cx486DX2-50 FK5417W IBMish
Cx486DX2-50 FK6418E Writeback HS
Cx486DX2-50 FK6418HH 03H5799 N18119
Cx486DX2-50 FK6418S
Cx486DX2-50 FK6418Y
Cx486DX2-50 FK6419E
Cx486DX2-50 FB5420A Japan
Cx486DX2-50 FK8422A
Cx486DX2-50 FK8422U
Cx486DX2-50 FK9425E USA
FK9425J 03H6315 N25027 001
FB9426E 014 Japan
Cx486DX2-50 FB9428L. writeback
Cx486DX2-50 FB9428R 1B/08 1.8 writeback HS
Cx486DX2-50 FL9429AT 1B/08 1.8 writeback HS
Cx486DX2-50 FL9429AJ HS
Cx486DX2-50 FL9429W
Cx486DX2-50 FL9430A
Cx486DX2-50 FL9431AK Write Back w/ HS
Cx486DX2-50 FL9431AL 014
Cx486DX2-50 FL9431S 014
Cx486DX2-50 FL9431V
Cx486DX2-50 A2LH432B
Cx486DX2-50 A2BH433B writeback HS
Cx486DX2-50 F1L9433C
Cx486DX2-50 F2KB433K
Cx486DX2-50 F2KM434Q HS (IMBish markins) writeback
Cx486DX2-50 F1L9434W 940723 HS
Cx486DX2-50 F2KM435FF writeback
Cx486DX2-50 F1L9436B 001
Cx486DX2-50 F2KM438G writeback HS
Cx486DX2-50 F2CM442E
Cx486DX2-50 F2CM443C writeback HS
Cx486DX2-50 F2LM447P Writeback HS
Cx486DX2-50 F2LM447Z
Cx486DX2-50 H1LM505A HS
Cx486DX2-50 H1LP507B writeback (M0.7)
Cx486DX2-50 H1CM508B WB HS
Cx486DX2-50 H1LP512A HS
Cx486DX2-50 H1LP528A writeback
CxDX2v50 G1JL438C QFP
Cx486DX2-v50 G1KN441D 03H8832 N41013
Cx486DX2-v50 F3BN504K 3.3V/3.45V/3.6V (013 on bck)
F3BN505AE 013 on back 3.3V/3.6V japan
Cx486DX2-v50 F3BN505N 3.3V/3.6V
Cx486DX2-v50 G1JQ509C 3.3 3.45 3.6 QFP
Cx486DX2-v50 G1CQ511D 3.3V/3.45V/3.6V
Cx486DX2-v50 G1BQ514G Japan 3.3 3.45 3.6
Cx486DX2-66 FK9420Q? IBMish (009)
CX486DX2 FK9426H
Cx486DX2-66 FK9429H 1B/08 1.8 cooling fan required
Cx486DX2-66 PK9429D
A3LM434K WB logo cooling
Cx486DX2-66 F2Kb434N 03H8227 IBM
Cx486DX2-66 A3CM434A WB Logo CFR
Cx486DX2-66 A3LM434G Writeback
Cx486DX2-66 A3LM434J Writeback
Cx486DX2-66 A3LM434K Writeback
A3LM435F WB logo HS
A3LM439E 1B/0B 1.B Writeback HS
Cx486DX2-66 A3LM439Q
Cx486DX2-66 A3LM440X 1B/0B 1.B
Cx486DX2-66 A3LM441AS 1B/0B 1.B Writeback
Cx486DX2-66 A3LM441G Writeback
Cx486DX2-66 A3LM441K
Cx486DX2-66 A3LM441X Writeback
Cx486DX2-66 A3LM442A
Cx486DX2-66 F2CM442F
Cx486DX2-66 A3LM442H
F2CM443B Cooling Fan Required
Cx486DX2-66 A3LM444E HS
Cx486DX2-66 A3LM445M
Cx486DX2-66 A3LM446B HS
Cx486DX2-66 A3LM446V HS
Cx486DX2-66 H1LM448G
Cx486DX2-66 A3LM448Q
Cx486DX2-66 A3LM448R
Cx486DX2-66 A3LM448U
Cx486DX2-66 A3LM450L
Cx486DX2-66 H1LM501B
Cx486DX2-66 H1LM501B 021 (TC)
Cx486DX2-66 H1LP503E
Cx486DX2-66 H1LM503H 021-(TC)
Cx486DX2-66 A3LP503J USA
Cx486DX2-66 A3LP504X
Cx486DX2-66 H1BP505A writeback HS
Cx486DX2-66 H1BP505A Japan writeback
Cx486DX2-66 H1LP505A
Cx486DX2-66 H1LP505F USA HS
Cx486DX2-66 A3LP505M USA
Cx486DX2-66 H1LP507S writeback HS
H1LP507Y writeback HS
Cx486DX2-66 H1CM508B HS
Cx486DX2-66 H1LP509C
Cx486DX2-66 H1LP509D
Cx486DX2-66 H1LP509E HS
G1FQ510C 086 remark?
Cx486DX2-66 F2BM510G HS JAPAN
Cx486DX2-66 F2BM510I Japan 086
Cx486DX2-66 A3LP510J
Cx486DX2-66 A3LP511F
Cx486DX2-66 A3LP511H
Cx486DX2-66 A8LP513E
Cx486DX2-66 A3LP514C
Cx486DX2-66 H1LP514C writeback HS
Cx486DX2-66 A3LP514R 1B/0C 1.C
Cx486DX2-66 A3LP513K
Cx486DX2-66 A3LP513M
Cx486DX2-66 A6FR515R
Cx486DX2-66 H1LP516D
Cx486DX2-66 H1LP519A
Cx486DX2-66 H1LP519B
Cx486DX2-66 H1LP519D
Cx486DX2-66 A6FR519X
Cx486DX2-66 A6FR520B HS
Cx486DX2-66 A6FR520C
Cx486DX2-66 H1LP520D
Cx486DX2-66 H1LP520G 1B/0C 1.C HS
Cx486DX2-66 A6FR521AE
Cx486DX2-66 A6FR521AF
Cx486DX2-66 A8LP521E HS
Cx486DX2-66 A6FR521F HS
Cx486DX2-66 A6CR524F
Cx486DX2-66 A6FR524F HS
Cx486DX2-66 A6CR524G
Cx486DX2-66 A6LR524P
Cx486DX2-66 H1LP525
Cx486DX2-66 H1LP525E HS
Cx486DX2-66 A6LT525L HS
Cx486DX2-66 A6LR526H
Cx486DX2-66 A6LT526D
Cx486DX2-66 A6LT526D HS
Cx486DX2-66 A6FT527AD HS
Cx486DX2-66 A6FT527M 1B/34 4.4 HS
Cx486DX2-66 A6FT528R USA
Cx486DX2-66 A6FT529E
Cx486DX2-66 A6FT530L
Cx486DX2-66 A6FT530N
Cx486DX2-66 A6FT531X
Cx486DX2-66 H2FR533D
Cx486DX2-66 K2LR533J USA
Cx486DX2-66 H1LP535A
Cx486DX2-66 K2LR535AF 1B/32 4.2
Cx486DX2-66 K2LR535F HS
Cx486DX2-66 K2LR535H HS
Cx486DX2-66 K2LR535S
Cx486DX2-66 K2LR535V HS
Cx486DX2-66 H1LP537U USA
Cx486DX2-66 H1LP544B USA HS
Cx486DX2v66 G1KL440F
Cx486DX2v66 G1KN443B 03H8832 N43008
Cx486DX2v66 G1KN444J
Cx486DX2v66 G1KN444K 017
G1BN444N 017 Japan
Cx486DX2v66 G1BN445A 1B/31 4.1 017 Japan
Cx486DX2v66 G1KN445D 03H8832 015 IBM
Cx486DX2v66 G1FN445M 023 3.6/4.0
Cx486DX2v66 G1BN446D Japan 011
Cx486DX2v66 F3LN447H 015-4.0V
Cx486DX2v66 G1BN447L 020-3.45V (TC)
Cx486DX2v66 G1BN448E 017
Cx486DX2v66 G1BN448K 017 japan
Cx486DX2v66 G1KN449Y 020-3.45V (TC)
G1KN451A 03H8832 N51000 017
G1KN451B 03H8832 020-3.45V (TC)
Cx486DX2v66 G1KN451U 018 4.0V
Cx486DX2v66 G1KN451U IBMish 3.6/4.0
Cx486DX2v66 G1KQ452C 3.6V 4.0V
F3LN501B 013 on back 015-4.0V
G1KQ501L 26H2207 P01036 011-3.6V
G1KQ503K 26H2207 P03040 WB 023-3.6/4.0
G1KQ503K 26H2207 P03040 3.45/3.6/4.0 WB
Cx486DX2v66 G1KQ503L 26H2207 P03041 023-3.6V/4.0V
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Cx486DX2v66 G1KQ503M 26H2207 P03042 023-3.6V/4.0V
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G1BN504B 023-3.6/4.0V Japan
Cx486DX2v66 G1KQ504B 26H2207 P04042 USA 3.45 3.6 4.0
??????????? G1JQ507B PQFP
Cx486DX2v66 G1KQ507C USA 3.45 3.6 4.0
G1KQ507M 26H2207 P07032 USA 3.45 3.6 4.0
Cx486DX2v66 G1KQ508K USA 3.45 3.6 4.0
G1KQ508P 26H2207 P08061 023-3.6V/4.0V
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Cx486DX2v66 G1BQ509G 017 3.45v Japan
Cx486DX2v66 G1KQ509G 26H2207 P09015 USA 3.45 3.6 4.0
Cx486DX2v66 G1CQ510B 023-3.6V/4.0V writeback
G1FQ510B 023-3.6V/4.0V writeback
Cx486DX2v66 G1CQ510F 023 3.6 4.0
Cx486DX2v66 G1BQ510K 3.45V/3.6V/4.0V JAPAN
Cx486DX2v66 G1BQ510L JAPAN 3.45 3.6 4.0
Cx486DX2v66 G1FQ511A 017-3.45V
Cx486DX2v66 G1CQ511D USA 3.45 3.6 4.0
G1FQ512A 017-3.42V
G1CQ512H USA 3.45 3.6 4.0
G1JQ512M 016-3.3V QFP
G1KQ513N 26H2207 P13022 3.3 3.45 3.6
G1FQ514E 017-3.45V
Cx486DX2v66 G1CQ514F 017-3.45V
Cx486DX2v66 G1CQ514G USA 3.45 3.6 4.0
Cx486DX2v66 G1FQ515B
G1KQ515E 26H2207 017-3.45V
Cx486DX2v66 G1KQ515E 3.45V/3.6V/4.0V
G1CQ516A 3.45V/3.6V/4.0V
Cx486DX2v66 G4FQ516B 3.45V/3.6V/4.0V
Cx486DX2v66 G4FQ516J 023 3.6/4.0V
G4FQ516Q 3.45V/3.6V/4.0V
G4FQ516T 3.45V/3.6V/4.0V
Cx486DX2v66 G4CQ517A 3.45V/3.6V/4.0V
Cx486DX2v66 G4FQ517B 3.45V/3.6V/4.0V
G4LQ517F 016-3.3V
Cx486DX2v66 G4CQ518B 3.45V/3.6V/4.0V
Cx486DX2v66 G4FQ518B 3.45V/3.6V/4.0V
Cx486DX2v66 G4CQ518C Cooling Fan Required
Cx486DX2v66 G4CQ519L 1B/32 4.2 3.45V/3.6V/4.0V
Cx486DX2v66 G4CQ519M 3.45V/3.6V/4.0V
Cx486DX2v66 G4CQ520B 3.45V/3.6V/4.0V
Cx486DX2v66 G3FS521B 3.3 3.45 3.6
G3FS521D 3.3 3.45 3.6
Cx486DX2v66 G3CS523G 3.3 3.45 3.6
Cx486DX2v66 G3CS523J 3.3 3.45 3.6
Cx486DX2v66 G3CS523J 3.3 3.45 3.6
Cx486DX2v66 G3FS525A 3.3 3.45 3.6
G3JU534B 3.3 3.45 3.6 QFP
Cx486DX2v66 G1KN443G 011 03H8991 N43013
Cx486DX2-80 F3BN505E 013 Japan cooling
Cx486DX2-80 A8LP513H
Cx486DX2-80 A8LP514E
Cx486DX2-80 A6FR515E HS
Cx486DX2-80 A6FR516A
Cx486DX2-80 A8LP516M
Cx486DX2-80 A8LP517A
Cx486DX2-80 A6FR519E HS
Cx486DX2-80 A6FR521AD HS
Cx486DX2-80 A6FR521V HS
Cx486DX2-80 A6FR524H HS
Cx486DX2-80 A6FR524N
Cx486DX2-80 G3KS526K HS
Cx486DX2-80 A6LT526S
Cx486DX2-80 A6LT526S
Cx486DX2-80 A6FT528M HS
Cx486DX2-80 A6FT526Y
Cx486DX2-80 A6FT529H
Cx486DX2-80 A6FT529E USA HS
Cx486DX2-80 A6FT530G
Cx486DX2-80 A6FT532N USA HS
Cx486DX2-80 K2LR533C
Cx486DX2-80 A6LT534H
Cx486DX2-80 K2LR535R 1B/32 4.2
Cx486DX2-80 A6FT538L 1B/34 4.4 HS (odd print on HS)
Cx486DX2-80 K2LR540A
Cx486DX2-V80 G1KN443A 1B/31 4.1 018-4.0V (TC)
Cx486DX2-V80 G1BN445A JAPAN
Cx486DX2-V80 G1KN445Q
Cx486DX2-V80 G1BN446J JAPAN 4.0V 018(TC)
Cx486DX2-V80 G1FN449Y 018-4.0V (TC)
Cx486DX2-V80 G1KR452D 26H2207 N52005 4.0V Fake?
Cx486DX2-V80 G1KQ452Q 4.0V
Cx486DX2-V80 G1KQ501C 1B/32 4.2 4.0V
Cx486DX2-V80 G1KQ504B 4.0V
Cx486DX2-V80 G1BQ509F 4.0V Japan
Cx486DX2-V80 G1FQ511A 4.0V
G1BQ514F 4.0V Japan
Cx486DX2-V80 G1FQ515F 4.0V
Cx486DX2-V80 G1FQ515F
G4LQ516H 017-3.45V
Cx486DX2-V80 G3CQ517A 017 3.45
Cx486DX2-V80 G3LQ517A 017 3.45V
Cx486DX2-V80 G4CQ518C 017
Cx486DX2-V80 G4CQ519K 4.0V
Cx486DX2-V80 G3FS525N 034 3.45
Cx486DX2-V80 G3KS525J
G3KS526AF 50H4834 P26038 034-3.45V
Cx486DX2-V80 G3KS536M 017-3.45V 50H4834
Cx486DX2-V80 G3JU604C 3.3V QFP
Cx486DX2-V80 G3JU604M QFP
Cx486DX4 100 G3FU527A 3.45V
Cx486DX4 75 G3FU527E 3.45V
Cx486DX4 100 G3FU527E 3.45V
Cx486DX4 100 G3FU527P 3.45V
Cx486DX4 100 G3FU527T 3.45V
Cx486DX4 100 G3FU528F DX4 P/O 3.45V
Cx486DX4 100GP4 G3FU528G HS
Cx486DX4 100 G3FU528G DX4-P/O 024-3.45V
Cx486DX4 100 G3LU528H
Cx486DX4 100 G3KU529A 3.4v
Cx486DX4 100 G3FU529B 3.45V
Cx486DX4 100 G3FU529D
Cx486DX4 100 G3FU529J GP4
Cx486DX4 100 G3FU529J 3.45V GP4
Cx486DX4 100 G3FU529J 3.45V GP4 DX4-P/O
Cx486DX4-100GP4 G3FU529U HS
Cx486DX4-100GP4 G3FU529V HS
Cx486DX4 100 G3FU531D 3.45V GP4 DX4-P/O
Cx486DX4 100 G3LU531E HS
Cx486DX4 100 G3LU531E 3.45
Cx486DX4 100 G3FU531A DX4-P/O 3.45
Cx486DX4 100GP4 G5CU531L DX4-P/O 3.45V
Cx486DX4 100GP4 G3CU531M DX4-P/O 024-3.45V
Cx486DX4-100 G3LU531T 024-3.45V
Cx486DX4 100 G3KU532E 50H5224 CY1009 HS
G3CU532B DX4-P/O 024-3.45V
Cx486DX4 100 G3FU532K DX4-P/O 3.45
Cx486DX4 100GP4 G3FU532L DX4-P/O 3.45
Cx486DX4 100 G3KU532P  50H5224 CY1018 HS
Cx486DX4 100GP4 G3FU532M DX4-P/O 3.45V
Cx486DX4-75 G3KU533W 3.45V
Cx486DX4 100 G3FU534B 3.45V GP4 DX4-P/O
Cx486DX4 100 G3KU535B 50H5224 CY1050 HS
5×86-100GP ES G5L5527A engraved speed
5×86-100GP G5L5528B
5×86-120GP ES G5L5530C
5×86-100GP G5L7532B
5×86-100GP G5L7532G S1R3 HS
5×86-100GP G5L7532L
5×86-100GP G5A7533A PQFP
5×86-100GP G5F7533A
5×86-80GP G5L7533C
5×86-80GP G5L7533C
5×86-100GP G5F7534A
5×86 G5F7534H S1R3 No speed
5×86-100GP G5F7534M
5×86-80GP G5F7535G S1R3
5×86-120GP G5L7536A HS
5×86-100GP G5F7537A HS
5×86-100GP G5L7537D
5×86-100GP G5F7537F
5×86-100GP G5F7537H S1R3 HJS
5×86-100GP G5F8537H
5×86 G5F8538AB S1R3 no speed
5×86-100GP G5F8538AE
5×86-100GP G5L8538E 026 3.6
5×86-100GP G5L8538A 026 3.6
5×86-100GP G5L8538D HS
5×86-100GP G5F8538F HS
5×86-100GP G5F8538G HS
5×86-100GP G5F8539E S1R3
5×86-80GP G5F8539K S1R3
5×86-100GP G5L8539N 031 3.45V
5×86-100GP G5F8540C
5×86-120GP G5L8541C S1R3 026-3.6
5×86-100GP G5K8541E HS
5×86-100GP G5F8541G
5×86-100GP G5F8541T
5×86-100GP G5L8542A HS
5×86-100GP G5A9542A PQFP
5×86-120GP G5K8542B HS
5×86-120GP G5K8542B
5×86-100GP G5F8542D
5×86 G5F8542J S1R3 no speed
5×86-120GP G5L8542K S1R3 026.3.6V
5×86-100GP G5F8542N
5×86-120GP G5F9543C 026-3.6V
5×86-100GP G5K8543D 012 3.6V
5×86-100GP G5L8543D 026 3.6
5×86-100GP G5F8543J
5×86-100GP G5L9544B
5×86-120GP G5L9544B
5×86-100GP G5F8544C S1R3 HS
5×86-100GP G5K8544D 56H0615
5×86-100GP G5L8544F 031-3.45V
5×86-100P G5F8544H 030-3.45V
5×86-100GP G5F8544H S1R3
5×86-100GP G5L8544J
5×86-100GP G5L8544J 030
5×86-100GP G5F8544K
5×86-100GP G5F8544S
5×86-100GP G5L9545A HS
5×86-120QP G5A9545A 3V3PR90 QFP
5×86-120GP G5L8545A 026-3.6V
5×86-100GP G5F8545B 030
5×86-100GP G5F8545D HS
G5F8545G HS
5×86 G5F9545B no speed
5×86-120GP G5K9545A S0R5 64H9862 026.3.6V
5×86-120GP G5F9545A 026-3.6V
5×86-120GP G5F9545K S0R5 026-3.6V CFR
5×86-100GP G5F9545L
5×86-100QP G5A9546E PQFP
5×86-120GP 026 G5K9546G
5×86-100GP G5F9546G HS
5×86-120GP 026 G5L9546H 026-3.6V
5×86-120GP 026 G5K9546K S0R5 64H9862
5×86-120GP G5F9546R S0R5
5×86-100GP G5F9546R HS
5×86-100GP G5F9546S 026 3.6V
5×86-100GP G5F9546U 026-3.6V
5×86-100GP G5F9546U HS
5x86C-3V3100GF P46003 S0R5 50H6281
5x86C-3V3100GF P46026 S0R5 50H6281
5×86-100GP G5F9547A S0R5
5×86-120GP 026 3.6V G5F9547B USA
5×86-100GP G5L9547B HS
5×86-100GP G5F9547C HS
120 handwritten G5F9548A
5×86-100GP G5L9548A S0R5
5×86-120GP G5K9548A 64H9862 026-3.6V
5×86-100GP G5K8548AK
5×86-100GP G5K8548AN HS
100GP G5K8548AR HS
5×86-100GP G5K8548BA DEAD HS
5×86-100GP G5K8548BK 026/P-3.6V cooling
5×86-100GP G5K8548BN HS
5×86-100GP G5F9548D HS
5×86-100QP G5A9548G S0R5 QFP
5×86-100GP G5K8548U 030 3.45V
5x86C-3V3100GF P48039 S0R5 50H6281
5x86C-3V3100HF P48049 S0R5 50H6281
5×86-133GP/4X G5D9549A S0R5 035-3.7V
5×86-133GP/4X G5D9549A 033-3.6V from evergreen
5×86-100GP G5K9549A HS
5×86-120GP G5A9549B PQFP 3V6PR90
5×86-120GP 026 3.6V G5L9549B
120GP G5L9549G
120GP G5F9549H S0R5 026-3.6V
100QP G5A9549H QFP
120GP G5F9549L S0R5 026 3.6V
120GP G5F9550C S0R5 026-3.6V
120GP G5F9550C 026 3.6V
120GP G5F9550C
120GP G5L9550G HS
120GP G5L9550K HS
5x86C-3V3100HF P50065 S0R5 50H6281
120GP G5F9551B HS
5x86C-3V3100GF P51J02 S0R5 QFP
5x86C-3V3100GF P51J07 S0R5 QFP
Gainbery-120 P50065 50H6281 IBM9314 50H6281 PQ
5×86-133GP/4X G5LB601A 033-3.6V
5×86 no speed G5LB601C S0R5 4x ok
5×86-120GP G5FB601D 026-3.6V
5×86-120GP G5A9602C PQFP 3V3PR90
5×86-100QP G5AB602E S0R5 PQFP no 4X
5×86-120GP/4X G5LB602H S0R5 026-3.6V
5×86-133GP/4X G5LB602J 033-3.6V
5×86 G5FB602J No speed marked
5×86-133GP/4X G5FB602L 033-3.6V
5×86-133GP/4X G5FB602M S0R5 033-3.6V
5×86-120GP G5FB602P S0R5 026-3.6V CFR (4X Enabled)
5×86-133GP/4X G5FB603B 033-3.6V
5×86-120GP 026-  G5FB603B S0R5 026.3.6V (4X enabled)
5×86-120GP 026 G5FB603C
5×86-120GP/4X G5LB603C S0R5 026-3.6V
5×86-133GP/4X G5LB603C S0R5 033-3.6V
5×86-133GP/4X G5LB603C 033-3.6V
5x86C-3V3100GF Q03051 S0R5 50H8382
5x86C-3V3100GF Q03056 S0R5 50H8382
5x86C-3V3100GF Q03J26 S0R5 QFP
5×86-100QP G5AB604C QFP
5×86-120QP G5AB604C PQFP 3V3PR90
5x86C-3V3100GF Q04J18 S0R5 QFP
5x86C-3V3100GF Q05004 S0R5 50H8382
5×86-133GP/4X G5FB607B 035-3.7V
5×86-133GP/4X G5FB607B 033 3.7V
5×86-133GP/4X G5FB607C 035-3.7V
5×86-133GP/4X G5FB607F 4X
5×86-100GP G5F8607G
5×86-133GP/4X G5FB607L 035-3.7V
5×86 no speed G5FB607L S0R5 works @ 133/4X 
5×86-100GP/4X G5FB607Q S0R5
5x86C-3V3100GF Q07007 S0R5 50H8382
5x86C-3V3100GF Q07J17 S0R5 QFP
5x86C-3V3100GF Q12J02 S0R5 QFP
5x86C-3V3100GF Q35019 S0R5 88H1052
5x86C-3V3100GF Q38047 S0R5 88H1052
DX-40 HB70M4410 H431152 CANADA
DX-40 HB70J4410 H431130 CANADA
DX-40 BB70B4450 B74920 CANADA
DX-50 BD70N501 B7272B USA
DX2-50 BD70M501 B7266 USA
DX2-50 HD70R4221 H416175 USA
ST486DX2-66GS HD70V5010 H446344 USA
ST486DX2-66GS BD70J448 B6697B USA
ST486DX2-66GS HD71Z5180 HH504739
ST486DX2-66GS PB70B5310 MD6J PABMDCB P523352T CLK 10
ST486DX2-66GS PB70V6510 MD6J PABMDCB P525421T 2XCLK CD10
5 Volt
PB70D6440 2XCLK CD10 MD6J PABMDCB P532726
ST486DX2-66GS PB70A6320 P535840
ST486DX2-66GS PB70A6330 P532734 CANADA
ST486DX2-66GS PB70C6060 P534812
ST486DX2-66GS PB70B6160 P521305 CANADA
ST486DX2-66GS HD72A5220 H521479 USA
ST486DX2-66GS PD70Y5310 P518205 USA
ST486DX2-66GS PD70T5310 P542385T USA
ST486DX2-80GS HB70P5179 HH502452A CANADA
ST486DX2-80GS PB70A6120 P534797 CANADA
ST486DX2-80GS HB70B9919E H711432 CANADA
ST486DX2-80GS HB70H9725E MD6J TABMDCB H709169 2XCLK CD01
ST486DX2-80GS HB70S9725E MD6J TABMDCB H710200 2XCLK CD01
H712485 2XCLK CD01 MD6J TABMDCB HB70H9718E
ST486DX2-80GS PB70B6440 P532728 CANADA
ST486DX2-80GS PB70D6150 P525426T
ST486DX2-80GS PB70I6150 P523349T
PB70D5290 P520273
PB70H5370 P523369T
ST486DX2-66GS PB70B9717E P527516K MD6J 2XCLK
ST486DX2-66 HD70P5090 H5036152 USA CLK00
ST468DX4V75HS AB70D9720E J722GZD
ST468DX4V10HS AB70C5500 J541MNN
AB70B6130 J66581D CANADA
STD Pinout 3.45V
ST468DX4V10HS AB70B5500 J340M1F
AB70H6050 J543PJL
ST5x86V10HS G5FB601E
G5LB602L S0R5 4x ok
ST5x86V10HS G5FB602P
ST5x86V10HS G5FB602P
ST5x86V10HS G5FB603A
ST5x86V10HS G5FB607A S0R5 4x ok