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How a CPU Microprocessor is made.

Many many chips can fit on one 300mm wafer.

Once the wafer full of chips is made each chip is tested while stll on the wafer. If a bad one is found it is marked so that it is not used. Most bad chips tend to be areound the edge of the wafer. The best chips are in the center and are sometimes selected for extended temperature testing for military or industrial use.

The wafer is then cut up into its individual chips. These chips are what gets 'bonded' to the packge that is in your computer.
Typically the bonding is done in countries where labout costs are low. The facilities to do so can be quite large.

This is an assembly facility in Costa Rica.

Thie final product may take 3 months to complete
A CPU with 25+ million transistors is impressive by any standards.

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