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Modified: April 10, 2005, 6:53 pm
Data Code:8025
Package:28 CDIP
Process:10 Micron
Architecture:2 Bit Slice Device
Used in:Unknown
Description:The Intel 3002 was Intel's first entry into the
Bit-slice marketplace and the first bipolar Bit-
slice device. Introduced in the 3rd quarter of
1974, it is an unusual device in that it was a 2-
bit device while most others devices were 4-bit
devices. Providing a 2-bit slice rather than a 4-
bit slice, the 3000 product line will require a
significantly higher chip count than the 2900
series, resulting in increased cost with no
compensating performance.

The 3002 is a peer of the Intel 8080, but the
8080 could only handle 8-bits of data at time.
The 3002 was a 2-bit ALU, but 8 3002's could be
linked together to create a computer that could
handle 16-bits at a time. Whereas the 8080 would
have to use multiple cycles to process 16 or 32
bits, the appropriate 3002 configuration could
handle it in a single cycle giving such a
computer significantly more power than the 8080.