MediaGX > CyrixGXm-180GP
Modified: May 30, 2005, 5:34 pm
Model:GXm-180GP 2.9V 80C
Data Code:9809
Transistors:2.4 Million
Package:321 Ceramic SPGA
Process:0.35 Micron 5 Layer
Architecture:32 bit CISC (RISC influenced) w/ Sound & Video
Used in:Integrated PCs
Description:The MediaGX System consists of two chips--
the MediaGX processor and the MediaGX Cx5510
companion chip. This system eliminates the t
raditional audio and video cards, and all
AT motherboard components of a PC. The
MediaGX processor is a 64-bit data bus,
x86-compatible processor with a proven
core. The processor has 16 kB L1 cache
and an FPU. The CPU directly interfaces
to the PCI bus and the DRAM memory. The
graphics frame buffer of the built-in
sVGA (VESA 2.0) hardware is stored in
main memory. Sound Blaster compatible
(2x16bit stereo, 48 kHz) hardware and
also integrated I/O devices (PCI, ISA,
SP, PP) are incorporated in the Cx5510
companion chip.

The MediaGX incorporates a 5x86 core
with added functions, such as a
64-bit-wide DRAM controller, a PCI-bus
interface and a unified memory display
controller. the 5x86 is itself a scaled
down 6x86.

The MediaGX is why National bought Cyrix.
Later AMD bought the GX (then the Geode)
from National and it continues to be made today.
Bus Speed: 30MHz
Memory: 60MHz
Multiplier: 6
Fab'd by: IBM