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February 7th, 2013 ~ by admin

CPU of the Day: Unknown IBM MCM – Any ideas?


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Every now and then I will get a chip in that I cannot ID.  This is a particularly perplexing one.  It looks like it should be something fairly well known, but I cannot determine what.  By the dates its a 2005 vintage IBM, MCM, on a fairly large ceramic package with 1077 lands.  It contains a pair of Infineon HYB39S256160DT-7 256Mbit (4Mbitx16bit) DRAMs which are 7ns 143MHz max, commonly used on PC133 SDRAM.   That works out to 64MB.  Also on the package is a IBM0436A8ACLAB 8Mbit (256Kx36) 4.5ns (222MHz) 1Mbyte SRAM.



Markings on the die are:
1 10-10


If you have any ideas what it is, or what it may be, post a comment.  I may just give you one.  These came in with a lot of HP PA-RISC processors, so perhaps related?

UPDATE (10/20/2016): Mystery solved. These are processors from a Cadence Palladium emulator system. Read more about them here


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4 Responses to CPU of the Day: Unknown IBM MCM – Any ideas?

  1. Ian Farquhar

    Pure guess….

    One of their mainframe CPU’s from a departmental MF?

  2. admin

    I have no way to know, seems off since its such a substantial MCM

  3. techfury

    HP PA-8900. The 64MB of regular SDRAM as external cache is the giveaway.

  4. admin

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